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Donate to the California Hepatitis C Task Force

An estimated 600,000 Californians are infected with HCV.Hepatitis C
impacts their families and friends.

Our mission to assist our fellow Californians and fellow citizens is:  
The HCV prevention and control vision is a coordinated local and
statewide effort, supported by public and private partnerships that
provide comprehensive science-based HCV services that assure:

·        Affordable and accessible HCV counseling, screening, education, treatment, harm reduction and
prevention efforts to all persons in need;

·        Educated patients, providers, policy makers and the public about HCV;

·        Needed HCV data is collected, analyzed, and disseminated;

·        Support for HCV related research; and

·        A reduction in the number of new HCV infections and HCV related deaths and quality of life
improvement for those with persons with HCV infections.

Recently members of the task force participated in a Unity Rally in Sacramento to share information
with our elected officials in Sacramento about our shared concerns. 
Your financial support is needed to enable us to continue our efforts.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the California Hepatitis C Task Force, please specify one of the categories below:

·        General Donation

·        Memorial Donation

·         “In Honor Of” Donation

Make check payable to:

"The California Hepatitis C Task Force "

 Mail To:

Ken Morgan, Treasurer
1527 Tamoshanter Drive
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
530 577-3111



What is required to have membership in The California Hepatitis
C Task Force?

If you are a member of a company, agency, foundation, non-profit, professional corporation that has an interest in the welfare and service to patients with hepatitis or can participate by partnering
in your local community, then you or your organization qualifies to join.


What obligation do member organizations assume?

They must be willing to work together with other organizations as a task force, consortium or collaborative effort thus adding resources to improve on this issue. The key being teamwork.


Can individuals join?

Generally this is not a patient forum of individuals or think tank for persons to discuss issues of the day but rather an action group where plans and programs are established for the benefit of the community. A representative from the local support group would be an asset and a necessary part of this effort. The key being that the representative acts as an agent and brings to the table the resources of their agency, group and leadership.


How do you join?

Submit a letter of request on your organization's letterhead with your business card attached. Your letter must contain a brief description of the services you or your company provides and mail to:

Ken Morgan, Treasurer
1527 Tamoshanter Drive South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
530 577-3111

Information about our services and an application form will be faxed or mailed to you.

California Hepatitis C Task Force and Local County HCV Task Force

                                   Membership Application


Name of Organization ________________________________

  Address __________________________________________

  City _____________________ Zip code_________________

  County _______________Toll free phone number __________

  Phone _____________________ FAX ___________________________

  E-mail _______________________ Website ______________

  Name of Director, CEO or program manager: _____________

  Services provided __________________________________


  Number of paid staff ______ Month and Year established ______

  Non-profit?  (Circle one)    Yes      no

  Does your organization serve?  Locally?  Regionally?  Statewide?  Nationally?


  Are you a member of your local HCV Task Force? _____________

  Are you willing to partner with other organizations in order to serve your community and persons affected by HCV and their families?


  What strengths and resources does your organization have that you can bring to the table and participate with in regard to the prevention of HCV?

(Write on letterhead 1/2 page explanation and include business card)


Mail to:
California HCV Task Force

Ken Morgan, Treasurer
1527 Tamoshanter Drive
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
530 577-3111



Please help and give
what you can.
Thank you
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California Hepatitis C Task Force