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We the founders, associates, delegates and members of the California Hepatitis C Task Force believe and encourage the following basic principles to hold true in the fight to prevent, identify, control, educate, provide support, treat and enable a cure for Hepatitis C for all California residents.

Californians from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity,language, income, profession, sexual orientation, mental or physical impairment or disability, inmates, persons in recovery, the homeless,the unemployed, active military service and veterans
must have access to affordable quality health care.

We hold to be true that a community response in the form of public/private partnerships with public health departments, service agencies, community foundations, faith based organizations, health & medical providers, qualified liver disease and health educators, local corporations, small businesses, legislative advocacy/health policy foundations, professional medical and
health associations, research institutions, academia,labor organizations, city, county, state, federal offices and other stakeholders is the necessary and required action to responsibly eradicate this disease as a major health epidemic in the State of California.

Therefore, we are at the crossroads and must respond now! This collaboration model is making a difference for families and health consumers impacted by hepatitis. The lives, strength and prosperity of the people of California depend on this moving forward. We are facing this challenge together, now and for future generations! You too can help!

The California Hepatitis C Task Force is comprised of collaboration of companies, agencies, foundations, non-profits, and professional corporations that have an interest in the welfare and service to patients with hepatitis and who work together as a task force to combine resources. California HCV Task Force acts as a central clearinghouse of best practices to improve existing HCV prevention, education, treatment, testing and reporting practices and support policy that removes barriers and provides incentives to improve the quality of care for persons with hepatitis C in California.

CALIFORNIA HEPATITIS C TASK FORCE: Operational Goals as Established March 11, 2003
Description of activities and programs that organization will conduct and how it will accomplish its specific purposes.}
The California Hepatitis C Task Force will disseminate information about activities in each county and /or health jurisdiction in California by use of:
A) An annual conference where delegates from each county are invited to receive updates about medical and scientific advancements from nationally recognized sources. Also forming action committees to draft real objectives to be initiated with the partnering organizations that will be engaged in the performance and evaluation of demonstration best practice models.
B) A website where each county may post information via a webmaster regarding endeavors through local community partnerships to acquire funds, establish provider training programs, screening and testing, general public information about transmission, resource guide for services available locally and grand-rounds and case conferences for practicing primary care providers and specialists under the auspices of accredited medical schools in cooperation with local health administrations.
C) By establishing and facilitating local community partnerships as a unified community effort, known as a task force. Identifying those organizations that have potential resources to work together with local health officials and have them meet on a regular basis to form strategies and activities that will impact and decrease transmission by harm reduction, education and support group programs and where needed become instrumental in the formation of clinics, clinical trials and public awareness events in conjunction with community health fairs, blood drives and organ and tissue and bone registries.
D) By regular meetings with an established advisory committee of recognized medical authorities, researchers and public health officials to determine best practices as determined by model programs throughout the state and the publication of such information with regard to guidelines based on actual studies that have passed peer review examination. These may result in submission to law and policy makers for our state public health system to exercise reform as needed with regards to the hepatitis epidemic prevention, control, services and policy.
E) By providing accurate medical information to the media and the public through public awareness campaigns by means of broadcast and other visual media to targeted publics, high risk groups, adolescents, occupational safety and implementing cooperation through sports related programs and public school extracurricular education programs.
F) By the use of volunteers acquainted with the experiences of and related to having the disease to assist in the process of education of those newly diagnosed.
G) Using the mandate of the corporation's non-profit mission to create a cooperative effort with local Boards of Supervisors and community foundations to better facilitate avenues to embrace those that are underserved and in need of medical care and treatment for this disease. ]
- {Description of each type or source of funding, each fund-raising activity that organization will engage in and intended business enterprises either alone or with other parties.}
The California Hepatitis C Task Force funding will be accomplished by way of
grants from federal agencies, community foundations, sale of admissions or
registration fees at educational events, charitable benefits, sale of commercial
exhibition spaces at events, solicitation of professional and trade
organizations, private health foundations, labor organizations, corporate
sponsorships and general donations by solicitations through public service
announcements and fees paid for technical assistance where no funding has
been otherwise acquired. Administrative costs of planning, staffing and
business operating equipment and expenses shall be covered by these funds
where designated by these activities and agreements. Partnerships with health
departments will be based on the principles established by the grantor
organization and any agreement reached shall fall within the structure and
purposes of this corporation. ]
Bill Remak, B.Sc.M.T. B.Public Health, SGNA, AHCJ
Chairman, California Hepatitis C Task Force Inc.
Chair, National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces
Member of the Board of Directors, Pharmacists Council on Hepatitis and Liver Disease
Secretary of the Board of Directors, FAIR Foundation
Steering Committee Member, California Chronic Care Coalition
Member, National Working Group on Evidence-based Healthcare
Cell (707) 364-1802 wmremak@pacbell.net
Member: The Health Exchange Advocacy and Responsibility Team (HEART) a statewide alliance of California health care stakeholders committed to the success of California’s Health Insurance Exchange. www.HealthCareExchangeAdvocates.org

The California Hepatitis C Task Force will develop and improve existing HCV prevention, education, treatment, testing and reporting practices. We will support policy that removes barriers and provides incentives to improve the quality of care for persons with Hepatitis C, and that prevents new cases of the disease. We will report our progress to the California public annually.


A shared partnership

Central clearinghouse
Identify money to support effort Act as trustees in identifying the resources in the
state to expedite the eradication of HCV Support the existing infrastructure Build into system
a method for collecting and measuring data. Should include incentives for physicians to track data Functioning Purpose of the California Hepatitis C Task Force
with Local Hepatitis C Task Forces

• Development of resources (includes funding)

• General Advice

• Policy Recommendations

• Support for legislative issues and reform pertaining to HCV

• Non-support for legislative actions that negatively impact HCV

• Statewide clearinghouse for information on:

• Task force formation, basic screening, testing and evaluation, education, provider
education and current activities throughout California

• Conferencing

• Technical Assistance


  1. Administration
  2. Media
  3. Conference Planning
  4. Prevention
  5. Patient Support Services
  6. Strategic Policy
  7. Outreach and Development
  8. Provider Education & Advisory Board

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