The California Hepatitis C Task Force

About The California Hepatitis C Task Force

Our mission

The California Hepatitis C Task Force mission is to drive policy that removes barriers to viral hepatitis treatment and promote best practices for the delivery of evidence based treatments for viral hepatitis by raising awareness, promoting partnerships and mobilizing resources to improve viral hepatitis education, prevention, screening, and reporting.

What we do

We provide support, networking for developing and existing community organizations, reinforcing local efforts for better access to care for those affected with viral hepatitis.


We act as a common voice for hepatitis patients on the local, state and federal level. We passionately take policy positions which favor patients and their access to care. We use grassroots support to drive legislation that puts patients' care first. Read more about our advocacy »

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We develop models and improve existing viral hepatitis prevention, education, treatment, testing and reporting practices that support the delivery of evidence based treatments for viral hepatitis.

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Collaboration & Partnerships

We bring together concerned citizens, patients, health leaders and stakeholders to form community partnerships. This is an endeavor to bring services to those affected by viral hepatitis, enhance access to care and drive public health reform. Read more about our collaborations »

Starting in 2002, The California Hepatitis C Task Force received several important indications of the importance of its work. In addition to two resolutions from the State of California, there was a significant letter from the Acting Surgeon of the United States. Click on these images to show PDFs of these archival documents:

hep c discovery timeline

Let's put an end to viral hepatitis.

Find the Missing Millions

9 out of 10 people living with viral hepatitis are unaware.