We work as a team

Collaborations with our partners are strategic alliances designed to achieve greater impact than the California Hepatitis C Task Force or our partners could generate alone. In helping local communities develop task forces to address viral hepatitis, we share what we know, learn from our partners, and try to align consensus driven efforts to achieve results with the understanding that sometimes with consolidating resources, there are trade-offs to get the best possible outcome for community health. In our society, where many perspectives and the determinants that impact viral hepatitis are addressed, we look foremost at what is evidence based and puts the patient at the center as guiding principles in our policy positions.

We focus on strategic alliances to:

  • Achieve greater leverage among stakeholders for advocacy and to build awareness.
  • Coordinate multiple stakeholders to address complex issues.
  • Strengthen or expand programs or services quality and performance.
  • Increase greater economic resources to address the existing circumstances.
  • Replicate successful programs for viral hepatitis, introduce new innovations for better outcomes, and reach the under-served.


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