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  • Making Medical Science More Democratic

    Making Medical Science More Democratic

    The Wall Street Journal published on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023 a fascinating excerpt from Amy Dockser Marcus’s new book “We the Scientists: How a Daring Team of Parents and Doctors Forged a New Path for Medicine“, just published by Riverhead Books. For those who have been in the field of public health for a while,…

  • A New Presence for CAHCTF

    A New Presence for CAHCTF

    The California Hepatitis C Task Force welcomes you – board members, affiliated collaborators, students, and the general public – to our new site. Our goal is to constantly refresh the site and provide new, important, and interesting content. Please bear with us – there are still some tweaks to be made as we solicit and…

  • People back and forth

    People back and forth

    We are excited about this section. We want to highlight stories (maybe your own!) about aspects of the immigrant experience, especially as it relates to Hepatitis, Medical Care, Medical Training, etc. But really, write about anything! Link to videos! Post photos! Write whatever you want! (Okay, within some limits…) Many members of the board, and…

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