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We act as a common voice for hepatitis patients on the local, state and federal level. We passionately take policy positions which favor patients and their access to care. We use grassroots support to drive legislation that puts patients’ care first.

We are community based advocates and stakeholders. Our drive for research and policy improvements are for viral hepatitis treatment, prevention and vaccines. Although 2017 was a watershed moment in U.S. politics, the considerable momentum generated by robust activism and advocacy catapulted The California Hepatitis C Task Force into a formidable position for advancing important policy priorities over the next four years.

Some of the important issues the Task Force will focus on in the coming years are:
  • Addressing domestic drug pricing concerns for viral hepatitis medications
  • Capitalizing on greater statewide political attention to infectious disease
  • Advancing the vision for healthcare access that is universally available as a right for all citizens, in keeping with the transformation that is occurring globally

Issues, Policies & Positions

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2015AB 374NavarianStep Therapy Override Determination(Letter of Support)
2015AB 383GipsonHepatitis Education Screening & Treatment Act(Letter of Support)
2015AB 623WoodPreventing Prescription Drug Abuse(Letter of Support)
2015AB 187BontaMedi-Cal Managed Care California Services Program(Letter of Support)
2015SB 675LiuTransitional Care(Letter of Support)
2016AB 463ChiuDrug Price Controls(Letter of Concern)
2016CAHCVTFSign-on Letter to Members of United States Congress; 340B Federal Drug Discount Program(Letter of Concern)
2016CAHCVTFLetter to Attorney General Kamala Harris Regarding Merger of Insurance Plans(Letter of Concern)
2016CAHCVTFLetter to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.; Request for Proclamation in support of May 19 National Hepatitis Testing Day in California(Letter of Request)
2016CAHCVTFLetter to Budget Subcommittee Chair, CCS Trailer Bill Language per DHCS Item for 4260 (#607)(Letter of Opposition)
2016AB 2084WoodComprehensive Medication Management Benefit in the Medi-Cal Program (CMM)(Letter of Support)
2016AB 2531BurkePay Equity Bill for Reproductive Research(Letter of Support)
2016AB 2752NavarianContinuity of Care(Letter of Support)
2016CAHCVTFLetter to the Chair of Health & Children’s Services regarding Title 5 Application for Block Grant funding at CCS(Letter of Concern)
2017AB 265WoodPrescription Drugs; Prohibition on Price Discount(Letter of Opposition)
2017SB 17HernandezHeathcare: Prescription Drug Cost(Letter of Opposition)
2017SB 349LaraChronic Dialysis Clinics; Staffing Requirements(Letter of Opposition)
2017AB 1353WaldronEssential Health Benefits; Continuity of Care(Letter of Support)
2017CAHCVTFLetter to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., regarding Prescription Drugs; called Prescription Drugs; Prohibition on Price Discount(Veto Request)
2017I AM ESSENTIAL CoalitionI AM ESSENTIAL Coalition Letter to Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price; Sign-on letter referencing maintaining and enforcing important patient protections and access to prescription drugs.(Letter of Appeal)
2018AB 2863NavarianHealthcare Coverage; Prescriptions(Letter of Support)
2018AB 315WoodPharmacy Benefit Management(Letter of Support)
2018AB 845WoodCanabinoid Support(Letter of Support)
2018AB 18660LymonHealthcare Coverage; Prescriptions(Letter of Support)
2018AB 2760WoodPrescriptions Drugs; Prescribers; Naloxone, Hydrochloride and other FDA approved drugs(Letter of Support)
2018AB 2863NavarianHealthcare Coverage; Prescriptions(Letter of Support)
2018AB 2893WaldronCalifornia Health Benefit Review Program; Financial Impacts(Letter of Support)
2018SB 1156LeyvaHealthcare Service Plans; Third Party Payments(Letter of Opposition)
2018SB 1264StoneMedi-Cal; Hypertension Medication Management Services(Letter of Support)
2018RetireSafeMedi-Care Part D Program; Sign-on letter to HHS Secretary Azar supporting rebate pass-through and out-of-pocket cap(Letter of Support)

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California Hepatitis History: In 2008, then California Governor Schwartzenegger proclaimed a Hepatitis Awareness Date, as a Hepatitis A Emergency was proclaimed. Click on the document images to open the PDFs of these documents:

We are proud members of the global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Join us.

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