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As I write this, the site design is inspired by the previous version of The California Hepatitis C Task Force.

That site benefited from a pleasant design, and offered significant resources to the community. In fact, most of that site’s content has been brought over to this new version.

But we recognized that the site had a rather glaring flaw: it was essentially static. Making changes to the site – even updates to keep the content up-to-date – was cumbersome at best.

Our goal is to provide static content – resources, links, contact information, etc. – as we did before.

But we want to encourage our extended community – our board, our collaborator, and students and interns – to contribute news and interesting stories. We’d like there to be as few barriers as possible to community participation. And we want a site that will always be new, fresh, and relevant.

While we may not start with fully open community participation (there are security and other issues that we will have to decide on), that certainly is a goal.

So the purpose of the site revamp is to use a contemporary Content Management Platform (WordPress in our case), to allow blogs on various topics. We may expand this to include discussion forums and other avenues for inclusiveness.

Please send suggestions – both for the site look-and-feel, and for content. You can write to the board, or to me (Stephen Grenholm, And certainly, if you are on the board or affiliated with the California Hepatitis C Task Force, if you don’t already have a login, I’ll create one. At some future time, we’ll offer online registration.






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  1. Patty Perkins Avatar
    Patty Perkins

    So, this is where the action has really been in the refashioning of the CA Hepatitis C Task Force. Our bear keeps a watchful eye on Stephen’s programming edits, and listens in on far too many conference calls and other debates with our Web Host folks and our compliance SSI team for ensuring proper certification. All that is the background to keep regulators happy.

    Stephen (web guru) and Patty Perkins (CAHCTF CFO) and preceptor for this season, along with Bill Remak and our great volunteer and molecular scientist Benedetta, have had lively discussions on the best way to integrate the features of the Task Force with its GIANT partner, and how best to showcase the wonderful work of the students enrolled in our Public Health preceptor program. This year we have masters’ candidates and one undergradute student from five or six different universities, including a long-term academic partnership with the University of San Francisco, our third year with Emory University (Atlanta, GA), our third year with Baylor University (Waco, TX), our fourth year with the University of Arizona (Tucson), a new partnership with the University of South Florida (Tampa), and a new partnership with an academic center in Nigeria, the University of Abubakar in Bauchi, Nigeria. We have also been approached by medical residents as far away at Washington Heights (Manhattan, NYC) with a partnership with the famed Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. So, while our team is small, we are aiming for broader outreach to the public health and medical community in 2023.

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